Exxe Group Inc.


Exxe Group focuses on the different sectors including real estate and technology, financial services, and media. This company has attained as the driving force and works with the control of equity interests in the undervalued companies and taking an active role in their performance level. The access to management and capital expertise are done by enhancing its growth to improve the presentation level. The company was formed in 2006 and has its headquarters in Lewes, Delaware, United States.

The company made a very recent announcement for retaining the PCG Advisory Group which is a leader in investor relationships and digital strategies, for serving as investor relations and strategic communications. The change in management and corporate strategy makes an important engagement with the advisor who makes the introduction of the investor case to the investors.  PCG Advisory is the dedicated company to deliver the strategic advisory services encompassing the relations between shareholders and investors for the emerging growth companies.

Exxe group focuses on diversified platforms with the strategy to acquire the equity interests in the undervalued companies and active role for improvement in growth and financial stability. The company develops the products, services, and technology.

Products: Manage, buy and develop real estate sector

Services: Technical platform usage in the exclusive ways of treating and financially lead the assets. Best services are provided to the customers through media and technology

Technology: Technical platform develops the suitability of multiple investors. It helps in asset monitoring, utilization, and development.

The company gives enrichment to the human experience by the development of the connected spaces incorporating the innovative features for operating business. There are the individual approach, modern features and complex solutions followed for the strategical growth of the company. The strategies of the company are meant to acquire the assets in the progressive global marketplace. There are quickness and profitability anticipated through existing international distributions associated with the digital strategies of the company.

The management team of the company has experience in the media space, product distribution, Fintech and IP protection. There are successful businesses running with the operational experience in many streams. The 52-week high/ low values are $ 0.37/ 0.00060 respectively. There has been growth in the prices of stocks in the month of May 2018 and the results have been consistent in all the aspects. The company is majorly into three streams:

  • Real Estate: Development and acquisition of the spaces meeting the emotional and functional needs of the people
  • Private Equity: Investment in companies having synergy with the real estate businesses for executing and financing the execution deals or creating the core products or services enhancing the tenant lives
  • Finance and Execution Services: The transactions enabling Fintech for Real Estate and Private Equity services to partners and tenants.

The company’s management is making efforts to serve their clients with the best possible services and increase returns over the investment for the appropriate business moves. The company’s assets will give profitable and quick results with the growing KPI with the digital strategies.

Nutranomics, Inc.


Nutranomics, Inc. has the headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. The company was founded in March 2007 by Dr. Tracy K. Gibbs. There are research and development made in the nutritional food products, including mineral, herbal, probiotic and vitamin supplements. The company also produces body and skin care products and transdermal patches. The company creates many research products for hundreds of companies and even brands its own product lines sold through the retail and wholesale market. The company even focuses on private labeling and customized manufacturing of supplements for many renowned brands in the global market.

NutraNomics is rapidly growing its business and offering the best food and plant-based products blended with the bio-available quality sources. The issue with synthetic/ isolated vitamins is that some of them can’t be absorbed by the human body. The company has diversified range of special formulations, whole food-based supplements, and remedies. The products formulated are FDA-approved and cGMP-compliant. The company takes proper content testing of the products to ensure the highest quality of the products.

NutraNomics provides much more than the health supplements. It makes an impact on the people who’re suffering from a particular disease and has a requirement for the specialized diet for enhancing the lifestyle. The company has invested in the in-depth studies of diabetic, cardio and cancer patients with diet supplements. There is strong growth anticipated by the company’s new products in the market. The company believes that people suffer from many diseases and there are certain diet protocols to be followed by them. Dietary changes with food supplements can control the problems like ADHS, eczema, hypoglycemia, diabetes, BP, and other issues. These supplements can make betterment in the overall health of individuals.

The products offered by NutraNomics have proven AES (Assimilation Enhancing System) having a blend of enzymes with the activated co-factors having to enhance nutrient absorption and assimilation. The components of the health supplements are unique as they are food and plant-based in all the way. The food supplements are supreme and manufactured from the best sources available with high bioavailability. The body comprehends the difference between the real food and synthetic vitamins. Real supplements nourish the body and maintain the health towards a renewed energy and vitality levels.

The company makes use of 100% plant cellulose vegetarian capsules which are free from animal tissues and SLS. The company provides even the shell of the capsule as plant cellulose product. The testing process of the company is very firm and each batch is ensured of having the pure, potent and quality-based content. The international selling of the products makes it a good choice for many people on a global level to entrust it. The digestion of these vitamins and minerals is highly suitable for the human body. The company has a huge scope to grow with its natural product base. It is anticipated that the increased amount of market capitalization will make the company attain the successful outlook. The shareholders and the new prospects are analyzing the company’s stats and trusting it for the best returns over the investments.

LandStar, Inc.


Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. is a company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. This company started its operations in 2017 (rebranded from Landstar, Inc.) for identification of whitespace in the security offerings and filling those spaces with the developed or acquired technologies for offering in the market. The company has a strong R&D team focusing on the acquisitions and acting on the target opportunities to get into the market. The major focus of the company is cloud or premise consumption with present and next-gen cybersecurity offers. LSDR enables secured data across networks, devices, databases, and cloud-systems. ClassiDocs supports more than 400 databases and 200 files with the user-centric design encouraging the ease of use and compliance-policy without training.

The company delivers discovery, governance and DSAR management clubbed with STEP, CASB, DLP and cloud solutions for giving the best security for every data point. There are forward-looking statements with the historical information and the actual results might differ due to risks and uncertainties involved. The company’s results or events are different from those described in the ongoing statements. The company announced its achievement of non-shell status with OTC Markets. Earlier, the company was formed with the aim of identifying and filling the gap of the security offerings of the competitors and filling those gaps with the technology base. This transition of the company to non-shell status is vital information in the progress of the company. It is the next-gen cybersecurity and service company with an aim of bringing the research to an upward level.

The R & D team and sales department have worked in coordination for moving the company towards non-shell zone. The new prospects are quite lucrative as the product offerings and customer base are towards a positive zone. This is a great achievement for the OTCBB Company to achieve this milestone within a small duration after rebranding the company in data security stream. Data 443 has its focus on providing data management, protection, and cyber-security services. The company attained blockchain version of its data classification and award-winning eDiscovery product ClassiDocs. This enables the organizations to keep a track of the data security and compliance response to the privacy regulations following the strict protocols of regulation. The company has active partnerships with the technology partners in marketing and sales (in US, Europe, and Canada).

The market capitalization of the company is $51 M. The company maintains the active Proofs of Concept and has made the market partnerships in the companies based in different parts of the world. Whether your company is based in EU or conducts business with your customers, it is essential for it to get awareness of GDPR rules and response streamlining the process. The effectiveness of GDPR will threaten the legal woes for noncompliance companies. Still, many organizations are unsure about the managing of privacy compliance under the new laws. Mr. Jason Remillard is the CEO and President of the company and has the progressive outlook of the team for the company’s benefits. The stock value will probably go up with the directive move of the company.

Progressive Care, Inc.


Progressive Care, Inc. is a health services company dealing with prescription pharmaceuticals, telephonic pharmacy services, health practice management, billing and coding, HER implementation, quality -assurance, administration and practice management, MTM (Medication Therapy Management), anti-retroviral services and compounded medications. The company deals with a diversified health segment and it began in the year 2007 with headquarters in Miami Gardens, Florida, United States.

The company focuses on defining a new way of healthcare services for the health of patients and their families. The healthcare system changes and requires a novel approach to follow in its outcomes. There is a need for adequate healthcare and patient therapies for improving the healthcare system. Progressive Care, Inc. focuses on the creation of the best ways to improve the healthcare system. The subsidiaries of the companies are Smart Medical Alliance, Inc. and PharmCo, LLC. These companies provide the services related to the healthcare system organization.

There are new levels of healthcare services being driven by the needs of the patients. The adjustment and changes in the healthcare system form the delivery of patient care with the effective healthcare facilities. PharmCo, LLC is the major subsidiary of Progressive Care, Inc. It was established in the year 2005 and has added a number of business services and compounded medications in its group. The customers are dedicatedly treated with compassion, privacy and commitment for the appropriate outreach to the community. The company is moving its endeavors by the expansion of its centers, finding new locations, new pharmacy openings, and development of the present business lines. The outsourced support services are increasing with time and there are a new set of options given to the providers for meeting the needs of healthcare practices. These services are billing & coding, monitoring, staffing, training, recruitments, best practices, and supervision.

Shital Mars is the CEO of the company from January 2016. She has been a great success in uplifting the status of the company and encouraging the business development with the best resources. Alan Jay Weisberg is the CFO and Director of the company and has progressively undertaken the company’s economic balance. Shareholders are of a view that it will be ultimately a great going for the new people to entrust the organization. The company provides confidential prescription medication serving the needs and lifestyle of the patient. The compound department of the Pharmo subsidiary formulates non-narcotic topical pain creams, scar gels, hormone replacement therapies and wound care creams. These pain creams are FDA approved and heal the different formulations. Compound medications are labor intensive and carry higher gross margins than the traditional prescriptions. The company is anticipated to benefit the long term and short term financial stats and increasing the profit margins.

PharmaCo provides purchase and repackages for the non-prescription Pharma products. It even maintains the records and histories of patients in computers. The overall scope of Progressive Care, Inc. and its patients is quite on the positive side. Healthcare facilities have a huge scope and the services given to the patients for comprehensive care have a bright future in the market.



Helios & Matheson Information Technology, Inc. is a huge data company helping the global enterprises to make informed decisions by providing insights to the social platforms. The company has expertise in empowering the users for unlocking the data value for making well-informed decisions. There are integrated services delivered with advanced analysis and data technology including the data engaged in the Visualization process. The company helps in serving the government, financial, healthcare, education and retail industry. The company merged with Zone Technologies, Inc. for practicing the new standards of global IT segment. This partnership will define the predictive analysis practice. The company’s other subsidiaries are WazeeDigital, Inc., Zone Technologies, Inc., MoviePass and Matheson Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

The team of experts of the company evaluates their decision making after going through the refine, filter and distribution phase of the raw data. There are data scientists, designers and strategic planners helping in the process of handling the IT related tasks for the requirement of users. The company is committed to handling every project and task in a valuable way. There are innovative technologies for the satisfaction of the demanding customers having a need for connection and meaning. The data amount is rapidly growing and so are the imaginations and creativity of the designers. The data represents the society’s requirements to produce the information in different ways for the significant value of the goods and service insight. There are informed decisions by the company to move ahead with the social phenomena.

Helios and Matheson have its presence in IT infrastructure, aggregation, social data, computing, map-tech, innovation, development, application, pattern, and discovery. The solutions and expertise are meant for different industries, including:

  • Government: Smart and digital solutions for empowering the systems and making people use the IT platform to benefit from the government aids online.
  • Finances: The digital transformations in small to mid-sized financial services like credit unions, community banks etc.
  • Education: The connection between teachers and students through the digitalized channels. The online education is secured through the intuitive learning systems helpful in imparting knowledge all over the globe.
  • Retail: Assisting the global and local businesses in reaching the customers through digitalized channels by bridging a gap between the real and digital (virtual) experience in shopping through different strategy channels.
  • Healthcare: There are specialized solutions designed for healthcare industry for improving the needs of patients. It also enables the doctors and medical experts to build healthy communities.

The 52- week low and high prices of the company’s stock are $0.33 – $38.86. With the growth in the market capitalization, the company is anticipated to grow to its previous level and attain success by providing the top-notch IT services in all the segments. It seems that the company will grow with the management decisions and the team of experts handling the Information Technology segment. This company founded in 1982 has seen a lot of ups and downs in its field and has a projection to become a successful venture in the times to come.

Santo Mining Corp.


Santo Mining Corp. was found in 2009 and its headquarters are located in Doral, Florida, United States. It is a public traded company in the OTC market with the ticker symbol SANP. The company was an analog company in the gold and copper mining sector and now, it has started focusing on the digital cryptocurrency transactions and the mining processes. The major goal of the company is to make mining accessible to all the users without any constraints of investment, location, age or technical experience. The company gives the miners an opportunity to try the cryptocurrency rewards through the mining pool. It is aimed at the developing the mining services and focuses on the upgrading of its establishments. It is done for the adoption of cryptocurrencies for financial stability and maintaining the existent strength of the currency.

The recent news of Santo Mining Corp. was that the Vietnamese group Asama has acquired the controlling department in Santo Mining. This acquisition was done by Asama for the expansion of its market growth and becoming the leaders among the South-Asia crypto mining companies for global integration of the business model. The company went through a restructuring phase and there was news for a change in board members, social media, financial stats and directorship changes of the company.

The present status of the company in OTC markets has reported the company as a fully reporting publically listed company. At that time, the VP of Santo Mining, Mr. Franjose Yglesias, said that there will be many exciting changes occurring in the company in the coming few weeks and it will be valuable for the shareholders. Asama has initiated the foundation of the international plan for the development of about 100K TeraHashes datacenters in North America and it will undoubtedly be a great move for the company. Asama has a reputation of the highly dedicated company having expertise in the cryptocurrency mining stream. It has over 5000 machines in four Vietnam locations. Asama has already invested heavily in the R & D of highly profitable and efficient returns of cryptocurrency mining computers.

The new board of directors included Mr. Dao Duc Thang replaced by Mr. Yglesias as the new CEO of the company. Mr. Dao has an experience of 20 years as a Military Officer in the Vietnam Army. Santo Mining will be soon converted into ASAMA International Corp. and this new move will be ultimately bliss for the stockholders. Mr. Dao will bring military leadership to the company and it will be a great value to the shareholders. He envisioned a harmonious and safer way by creating ASAMA for the people to make an investment in bit-mining and cryptocurrency. With the foresightedness of the company, it is expected that the company will grow its position in the years to come.

The 52-week low price of SANP stock is $ 0.00010 and the high value was $ 0.0030. The market capital of $2.15 million will probably increase with the takeover by Asama and the company will grow from its present status to a higher level.

Liquidmetal Technologies


Liquidmetal Technologies is a leading research, development and commercial company dealing with amorphous metals. The company was founded in the year 1987 with headquarters located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, United States. The company is certified by ISO 9001:2008. There is the production of patented alloys and processes manufactured with a broader range of military, medical, industrial, consumer and sports goods. Liquidmetal alloys have a unique atomic structure which allows the applications to achieve the higher levels of performance and accuracy which have never been possible before. The patented materials redefine performance and design systems by the use of conventional materials. The high-performance materials are altering the ways of development of new products. Liquidmetal technologies have 70 US patents with which it controls the intellectual property rights.

Liquidmetal Technologies is the developer of the bulk alloys for different segments in the industry. The amorphous alloy technology leads towards a better performance level. These are the unique metals forming the random structure on solidification. Generally, there is a crystalline structure formed in the normal alloys or metals but these alloys are different. Liquidmetal is the first company initiating the production of the amorphous alloys in bulk which is used in many industrial segments. The manufacturing processes for the different applications can be challenging. The company’s experts are always available to give an answer to any query being asked by the industry associates.

Liquidmetal is the best solution for you; if the industry requires certain attributes in the products related to strength, hardness, dimensional control/ repeatability, anti-corrosiveness, hardness, scratch and, wear resistance. The liquid metal produced by the company have high elasticity, surface finishing, non-magnetic properties and are highly suitable for complex shapes. MIM is the right solution for the cases requiring special material properties, a combination of multiple parts, moderate dimensional control/ repeatability and near-to wrought material properties. The best applications are used to produce ultra-high volumes in production, small part manufacturing, complex geometry cases and magnetic to non-magnetic properties.

Liquidmetal Technologies has an association with some of the esteemed groups for distributing its productions. It supplies high-quality Liquidmetal alloy feedstock to Materion. There are high supplies available for the substantial tonnage for fulfilling the demands of major companies. The chemical formulations can extend and refine the structure of the company. DongGuan Eontec Co. Ltd is the company engaged in the production of die-casting products for R & D of new materials. Engel is the global leader for producing injection molds and the supplies require processed Liquidmetal alloy for the appropriate usage.

The 52-week range of the company’s stock price is $0.1911 – 0.44 and it has the market capitalization of $ 237.3 M. The shareholders can think about investing in the company for its good reputation in the market and many associated large groups with it for the sake of producing the products requiring exclusive alloys. The need for the products in the wider range is always a progressive step for the company and it will probably generate better revenues for the associated shareholders of the company