Exxe Group Inc.


Exxe Group focuses on the different sectors including real estate and technology, financial services, and media. This company has attained as the driving force and works with the control of equity interests in the undervalued companies and taking an active role in their performance level. The access to management and capital expertise are done by enhancing its growth to improve the presentation level. The company was formed in 2006 and has its headquarters in Lewes, Delaware, United States.

The company made a very recent announcement for retaining the PCG Advisory Group which is a leader in investor relationships and digital strategies, for serving as investor relations and strategic communications. The change in management and corporate strategy makes an important engagement with the advisor who makes the introduction of the investor case to the investors.  PCG Advisory is the dedicated company to deliver the strategic advisory services encompassing the relations between shareholders and investors for the emerging growth companies.

Exxe group focuses on diversified platforms with the strategy to acquire the equity interests in the undervalued companies and active role for improvement in growth and financial stability. The company develops the products, services, and technology.

Products: Manage, buy and develop real estate sector

Services: Technical platform usage in the exclusive ways of treating and financially lead the assets. Best services are provided to the customers through media and technology

Technology: Technical platform develops the suitability of multiple investors. It helps in asset monitoring, utilization, and development.

The company gives enrichment to the human experience by the development of the connected spaces incorporating the innovative features for operating business. There are the individual approach, modern features and complex solutions followed for the strategical growth of the company. The strategies of the company are meant to acquire the assets in the progressive global marketplace. There are quickness and profitability anticipated through existing international distributions associated with the digital strategies of the company.

The management team of the company has experience in the media space, product distribution, Fintech and IP protection. There are successful businesses running with the operational experience in many streams. The 52-week high/ low values are $ 0.37/ 0.00060 respectively. There has been growth in the prices of stocks in the month of May 2018 and the results have been consistent in all the aspects. The company is majorly into three streams:

  • Real Estate: Development and acquisition of the spaces meeting the emotional and functional needs of the people
  • Private Equity: Investment in companies having synergy with the real estate businesses for executing and financing the execution deals or creating the core products or services enhancing the tenant lives
  • Finance and Execution Services: The transactions enabling Fintech for Real Estate and Private Equity services to partners and tenants.

The company’s management is making efforts to serve their clients with the best possible services and increase returns over the investment for the appropriate business moves. The company’s assets will give profitable and quick results with the growing KPI with the digital strategies.

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