Helios & Matheson Information Technology, Inc. is a huge data company helping the global enterprises to make informed decisions by providing insights to the social platforms. The company has expertise in empowering the users for unlocking the data value for making well-informed decisions. There are integrated services delivered with advanced analysis and data technology including the data engaged in the Visualization process. The company helps in serving the government, financial, healthcare, education and retail industry. The company merged with Zone Technologies, Inc. for practicing the new standards of global IT segment. This partnership will define the predictive analysis practice. The company’s other subsidiaries are WazeeDigital, Inc., Zone Technologies, Inc., MoviePass and Matheson Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

The team of experts of the company evaluates their decision making after going through the refine, filter and distribution phase of the raw data. There are data scientists, designers and strategic planners helping in the process of handling the IT related tasks for the requirement of users. The company is committed to handling every project and task in a valuable way. There are innovative technologies for the satisfaction of the demanding customers having a need for connection and meaning. The data amount is rapidly growing and so are the imaginations and creativity of the designers. The data represents the society’s requirements to produce the information in different ways for the significant value of the goods and service insight. There are informed decisions by the company to move ahead with the social phenomena.

Helios and Matheson have its presence in IT infrastructure, aggregation, social data, computing, map-tech, innovation, development, application, pattern, and discovery. The solutions and expertise are meant for different industries, including:

  • Government: Smart and digital solutions for empowering the systems and making people use the IT platform to benefit from the government aids online.
  • Finances: The digital transformations in small to mid-sized financial services like credit unions, community banks etc.
  • Education: The connection between teachers and students through the digitalized channels. The online education is secured through the intuitive learning systems helpful in imparting knowledge all over the globe.
  • Retail: Assisting the global and local businesses in reaching the customers through digitalized channels by bridging a gap between the real and digital (virtual) experience in shopping through different strategy channels.
  • Healthcare: There are specialized solutions designed for healthcare industry for improving the needs of patients. It also enables the doctors and medical experts to build healthy communities.

The 52- week low and high prices of the company’s stock are $0.33 – $38.86. With the growth in the market capitalization, the company is anticipated to grow to its previous level and attain success by providing the top-notch IT services in all the segments. It seems that the company will grow with the management decisions and the team of experts handling the Information Technology segment. This company founded in 1982 has seen a lot of ups and downs in its field and has a projection to become a successful venture in the times to come.