LandStar, Inc.


Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. is a company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. This company started its operations in 2017 (rebranded from Landstar, Inc.) for identification of whitespace in the security offerings and filling those spaces with the developed or acquired technologies for offering in the market. The company has a strong R&D team focusing on the acquisitions and acting on the target opportunities to get into the market. The major focus of the company is cloud or premise consumption with present and next-gen cybersecurity offers. LSDR enables secured data across networks, devices, databases, and cloud-systems. ClassiDocs supports more than 400 databases and 200 files with the user-centric design encouraging the ease of use and compliance-policy without training.

The company delivers discovery, governance and DSAR management clubbed with STEP, CASB, DLP and cloud solutions for giving the best security for every data point. There are forward-looking statements with the historical information and the actual results might differ due to risks and uncertainties involved. The company’s results or events are different from those described in the ongoing statements. The company announced its achievement of non-shell status with OTC Markets. Earlier, the company was formed with the aim of identifying and filling the gap of the security offerings of the competitors and filling those gaps with the technology base. This transition of the company to non-shell status is vital information in the progress of the company. It is the next-gen cybersecurity and service company with an aim of bringing the research to an upward level.

The R & D team and sales department have worked in coordination for moving the company towards non-shell zone. The new prospects are quite lucrative as the product offerings and customer base are towards a positive zone. This is a great achievement for the OTCBB Company to achieve this milestone within a small duration after rebranding the company in data security stream. Data 443 has its focus on providing data management, protection, and cyber-security services. The company attained blockchain version of its data classification and award-winning eDiscovery product ClassiDocs. This enables the organizations to keep a track of the data security and compliance response to the privacy regulations following the strict protocols of regulation. The company has active partnerships with the technology partners in marketing and sales (in US, Europe, and Canada).

The market capitalization of the company is $51 M. The company maintains the active Proofs of Concept and has made the market partnerships in the companies based in different parts of the world. Whether your company is based in EU or conducts business with your customers, it is essential for it to get awareness of GDPR rules and response streamlining the process. The effectiveness of GDPR will threaten the legal woes for noncompliance companies. Still, many organizations are unsure about the managing of privacy compliance under the new laws. Mr. Jason Remillard is the CEO and President of the company and has the progressive outlook of the team for the company’s benefits. The stock value will probably go up with the directive move of the company.