Liquidmetal Technologies


Liquidmetal Technologies is a leading research, development and commercial company dealing with amorphous metals. The company was founded in the year 1987 with headquarters located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, United States. The company is certified by ISO 9001:2008. There is the production of patented alloys and processes manufactured with a broader range of military, medical, industrial, consumer and sports goods. Liquidmetal alloys have a unique atomic structure which allows the applications to achieve the higher levels of performance and accuracy which have never been possible before. The patented materials redefine performance and design systems by the use of conventional materials. The high-performance materials are altering the ways of development of new products. Liquidmetal technologies have 70 US patents with which it controls the intellectual property rights.

Liquidmetal Technologies is the developer of the bulk alloys for different segments in the industry. The amorphous alloy technology leads towards a better performance level. These are the unique metals forming the random structure on solidification. Generally, there is a crystalline structure formed in the normal alloys or metals but these alloys are different. Liquidmetal is the first company initiating the production of the amorphous alloys in bulk which is used in many industrial segments. The manufacturing processes for the different applications can be challenging. The company’s experts are always available to give an answer to any query being asked by the industry associates.

Liquidmetal is the best solution for you; if the industry requires certain attributes in the products related to strength, hardness, dimensional control/ repeatability, anti-corrosiveness, hardness, scratch and, wear resistance. The liquid metal produced by the company have high elasticity, surface finishing, non-magnetic properties and are highly suitable for complex shapes. MIM is the right solution for the cases requiring special material properties, a combination of multiple parts, moderate dimensional control/ repeatability and near-to wrought material properties. The best applications are used to produce ultra-high volumes in production, small part manufacturing, complex geometry cases and magnetic to non-magnetic properties.

Liquidmetal Technologies has an association with some of the esteemed groups for distributing its productions. It supplies high-quality Liquidmetal alloy feedstock to Materion. There are high supplies available for the substantial tonnage for fulfilling the demands of major companies. The chemical formulations can extend and refine the structure of the company. DongGuan Eontec Co. Ltd is the company engaged in the production of die-casting products for R & D of new materials. Engel is the global leader for producing injection molds and the supplies require processed Liquidmetal alloy for the appropriate usage.

The 52-week range of the company’s stock price is $0.1911 – 0.44 and it has the market capitalization of $ 237.3 M. The shareholders can think about investing in the company for its good reputation in the market and many associated large groups with it for the sake of producing the products requiring exclusive alloys. The need for the products in the wider range is always a progressive step for the company and it will probably generate better revenues for the associated shareholders of the company