Progressive Care, Inc.


Progressive Care, Inc. is a health services company dealing with prescription pharmaceuticals, telephonic pharmacy services, health practice management, billing and coding, HER implementation, quality -assurance, administration and practice management, MTM (Medication Therapy Management), anti-retroviral services and compounded medications. The company deals with a diversified health segment and it began in the year 2007 with headquarters in Miami Gardens, Florida, United States.

The company focuses on defining a new way of healthcare services for the health of patients and their families. The healthcare system changes and requires a novel approach to follow in its outcomes. There is a need for adequate healthcare and patient therapies for improving the healthcare system. Progressive Care, Inc. focuses on the creation of the best ways to improve the healthcare system. The subsidiaries of the companies are Smart Medical Alliance, Inc. and PharmCo, LLC. These companies provide the services related to the healthcare system organization.

There are new levels of healthcare services being driven by the needs of the patients. The adjustment and changes in the healthcare system form the delivery of patient care with the effective healthcare facilities. PharmCo, LLC is the major subsidiary of Progressive Care, Inc. It was established in the year 2005 and has added a number of business services and compounded medications in its group. The customers are dedicatedly treated with compassion, privacy and commitment for the appropriate outreach to the community. The company is moving its endeavors by the expansion of its centers, finding new locations, new pharmacy openings, and development of the present business lines. The outsourced support services are increasing with time and there are a new set of options given to the providers for meeting the needs of healthcare practices. These services are billing & coding, monitoring, staffing, training, recruitments, best practices, and supervision.

Shital Mars is the CEO of the company from January 2016. She has been a great success in uplifting the status of the company and encouraging the business development with the best resources. Alan Jay Weisberg is the CFO and Director of the company and has progressively undertaken the company’s economic balance. Shareholders are of a view that it will be ultimately a great going for the new people to entrust the organization. The company provides confidential prescription medication serving the needs and lifestyle of the patient. The compound department of the Pharmo subsidiary formulates non-narcotic topical pain creams, scar gels, hormone replacement therapies and wound care creams. These pain creams are FDA approved and heal the different formulations. Compound medications are labor intensive and carry higher gross margins than the traditional prescriptions. The company is anticipated to benefit the long term and short term financial stats and increasing the profit margins.

PharmaCo provides purchase and repackages for the non-prescription Pharma products. It even maintains the records and histories of patients in computers. The overall scope of Progressive Care, Inc. and its patients is quite on the positive side. Healthcare facilities have a huge scope and the services given to the patients for comprehensive care have a bright future in the market.