Santo Mining Corp.


Santo Mining Corp. was found in 2009 and its headquarters are located in Doral, Florida, United States. It is a public traded company in the OTC market with the ticker symbol SANP. The company was an analog company in the gold and copper mining sector and now, it has started focusing on the digital cryptocurrency transactions and the mining processes. The major goal of the company is to make mining accessible to all the users without any constraints of investment, location, age or technical experience. The company gives the miners an opportunity to try the cryptocurrency rewards through the mining pool. It is aimed at the developing the mining services and focuses on the upgrading of its establishments. It is done for the adoption of cryptocurrencies for financial stability and maintaining the existent strength of the currency.

The recent news of Santo Mining Corp. was that the Vietnamese group Asama has acquired the controlling department in Santo Mining. This acquisition was done by Asama for the expansion of its market growth and becoming the leaders among the South-Asia crypto mining companies for global integration of the business model. The company went through a restructuring phase and there was news for a change in board members, social media, financial stats and directorship changes of the company.

The present status of the company in OTC markets has reported the company as a fully reporting publically listed company. At that time, the VP of Santo Mining, Mr. Franjose Yglesias, said that there will be many exciting changes occurring in the company in the coming few weeks and it will be valuable for the shareholders. Asama has initiated the foundation of the international plan for the development of about 100K TeraHashes datacenters in North America and it will undoubtedly be a great move for the company. Asama has a reputation of the highly dedicated company having expertise in the cryptocurrency mining stream. It has over 5000 machines in four Vietnam locations. Asama has already invested heavily in the R & D of highly profitable and efficient returns of cryptocurrency mining computers.

The new board of directors included Mr. Dao Duc Thang replaced by Mr. Yglesias as the new CEO of the company. Mr. Dao has an experience of 20 years as a Military Officer in the Vietnam Army. Santo Mining will be soon converted into ASAMA International Corp. and this new move will be ultimately bliss for the stockholders. Mr. Dao will bring military leadership to the company and it will be a great value to the shareholders. He envisioned a harmonious and safer way by creating ASAMA for the people to make an investment in bit-mining and cryptocurrency. With the foresightedness of the company, it is expected that the company will grow its position in the years to come.

The 52-week low price of SANP stock is $ 0.00010 and the high value was $ 0.0030. The market capital of $2.15 million will probably increase with the takeover by Asama and the company will grow from its present status to a higher level.

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